America’s Leading Cash Home Buyers

America’s Leading Cash Home Buyers

How We Work

Step 1: Talk To Us!

Talk directly with a local property consultant about the details of your property.

Step 2: Allow us to Analyze

We will quickly evaluate your property and situation to determine a cash offer.

Step 3: Receive Cash Offer

All of our offers are completely free of commitments and received within 24 hours

We Believe In Simplicity

Here at Leading Home Buyers, we believe in simplicity and transparency with everyone we work with. We strive to keep everything we do as simple as possible, sharing every step along the way with our clients. We keep nothing “under the table” like other companies do. We understand the headache that comes with trying to get rid of a property quickly, so we can do everything we can to make the process as easy as possible.

Once a cash offer is sent your way, you can trust that absolutely nothing will change with the offer. Again, we offer full transparency to everything we’re seeing and doing. Plus, because it’s a pure cash offer, you don’t have to deal with closing costs, agent fees, and commissions, or any other hidden costs! What you see is what you’ll get.

We Buy Houses In All Situations

Whether it’s financial issues, job loss, or an inherited house that needs to be sold, we’re here to help. We’ve assisted hundreds of homeowners in hundreds of different situations.

Because we’re cash buyers rather than licensed agents, we will buy your home “as is”. Meaning that no money or time needs to be wasted on repairs, agent showings, banks, etc.

That means in any condition as well! Fire damage? Call us. Water? No problem. Leading Home Buyers is open to evaluating and purchasing all kinds of houses in all kinds of shape.

What Makes Leading Home Buyers Different?

We are dedicated to helping out our community, rather than being focused on purely profits.  Being born and raised in the area, we want to see our community thrive.

So rather than trying to gouge homeowners for profits like other companies, we provide help and assistance to each specific situation.

If we see the opportunity to help a homeowner to save their home from foreclosure, then we absolutely will! We are here to help our community succeed, not just make profits.